5.0-ton Forklift Trucks

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WIK 5.0-ton Forklift Trucks

Standard configuration: Chaoyang 6102 diesel engine
Central and southern liquid transmission
Two three-meter door frames
Positive new tires
Fork 1070mm
Toolbox / service pack
Performance introduction: assembly of sunrise engine, , energy , environmental protection
South Central transmission, , smooth, , operation
Linde steering , hydraulic cylinder, SMC silent insulation hood
Hongchang high-quality door frame steel, , not , deform
Positive new , strong wear , good shock absorber,
Optional configuration: Chaoyang engine, tin wood engine
Import Islington engines
Manual liquid transmission, electromagnetic fluid transmission
Two sections 3.0 m,3.3/3.5/4.0/4.5/5.0 m door frame
Two sections 3.0 m,3.3/3.5/4.0/4.5/5.0 m full free door frame
Three sections 4.5 m,4.8/5.0/5.5/6.0/6.5 m full free door frame
Positive new gas tire / solid tire, sunrise gas tire / solid tire, environmental protection solid tire
According to different goods, assembly of different belongings, such as side shift, cotton bag clip
Paper roll clips, carton clips, etc



WIK The main technical parameters

Model. WIK50 Model. WIK50
Power type Diesel. Full length no fork mm 3430
Rated load kg 5000 Full width mm 2235
Load center mm 600 Maximum lift height of the fork (with blocking shelf)  4380
Lifting height mm 3000 Door frame floor height mm 2500
Free lift height mm 205 Front wheel. 8.25-15-14PR
Fork size mm 1220×150x60 Rear wheels 8.25-15-14PR
The door frame is tilted forward /  6/12 Wheelbase mm 2250
Minimum turning radius mm 3250 Wheel distance front wheel / rear wheel mm 1470/1700
Minimum right angle stacking channel width mm 5500 Self-weight no load Kg 7980
Minimum right-angle channel width mm 2960 Battery voltage / V/Ah (12/80)×2
Minimum ground clearance mm 200 Engine model cY6102BG6
The top frame height mm 2469 Rated power kw/r.p.m 81/2500
Front overhang mm 610 Rated torque Nm/r.p.m 353/1700
The maximum travel speed is full km/h 26 Bodle X travel mm 102x118
The maximum lift speed is full of mm/m420 400 The number of cylinders 6
Maximum traction is full of KN 51.4 Displacement L 5.785
Maximum climbing ability% 20 Fuel tank capacity L 120
Full length with fork mm 4650 Working pressure Mpa 20

Forklift operations can reduce labor input and labor intensity, improve work efficiency, and fully utilize the space positions of cabins, carriages, and warehouses. It also shortens the operation time of loading, unloading, handling, and stacking, speeds up the turnover of vehicles and ships, and improves The degree of safety of the job.

Internal combustion forklifts generally use diesel, gasoline or liquefied petroleum gas engines to provide power. They are heavy and independent. They are mainly used in workplaces with large slopes, uneven roads, heavy objects, and severe weather conditions.

Let me introduce the radiator system of the internal combustion forklift.
The radiator system includes radiator and windshield, etc. The radiator is also called a water tank, which is composed of three parts: the water inlet chamber, the water outlet chamber and the heat dissipation core. The cooling liquid (water) flows in the radiator core, and the air passes outside the radiator core, so that the heat absorbed by the cooling water from the internal combustion engine can be transferred to the outside air, so that the cooling water temperature can be lowered to circulate again. The function of the windshield is to make the air sucked in by the fan pass through the radiator to improve the efficiency of the fan.

Internal combustion forklifts generally use diesel, gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas engines as power, with a load capacity of 1.2 to 8.0 tons, and a working channel width of 3.5 to 5.0 meters. Considering exhaust emissions and noise, they are usually used outdoors, workshops or other Places with no special requirements for exhaust emissions and noise. Due to the convenience of fuel replenishment, it can realize long-term continuous operation and can work in harsh environments (such as rainy days).

If the water pump is not working properly or the center distance between the driving wheel and the driven wheel of the fan pulley is not correct, the belt will be loose and slippery, so that the speed of the driven wheel will drop, the speed of the water pump will drop, and the flow rate of the water pump will drop; The road is blocked and the water flow is not smooth; or the thermostat malfunctions and the water circulation of the entire system is stopped; the above factors will cause the internal water temperature of the internal combustion engine to rise sharply, causing the cooling system to overheat. In addition, the internal combustion engine will overheat the cooling system due to other malfunctions such as incorrect ignition time.

1. Forklift Trucks are small in size, but have good stability and are suitable for towing. They are used for unlimited time. They are generally used outdoors. Compared with gasoline engines, diesel engines have better dynamics (easy to overheat at low speeds, short-circuit capabilities, and long-term operation capabilities), and low fuel costs. However, they have large vibration, large noise, large displacement, self-fundamental, and high price. The load can be from 0.5 tons to 45 tons.
2. Forklift Trucks are small in size, but have good stability and are suitable for towing. They are used for unlimited time and are generally used outdoors. Gasoline engines have small appearance, light adjustment, high output power, low working noise and vibration, and low price. However, gasoline engines have better short-circuit capability, long-term operation capabilities, and relatively low fuel costs. The load can be 0.5 tons to 4.5 tons.
3. Balanced heavy-duty liquefied petroleum gas forklift (full name LPG) is a balanced heavy-duty gasoline forklift equipped with a liquefied petroleum gas switching device, which is reduced to an LPG forklift, which can be used to switch between gasoline and liquefied gas through the switch. The second advantage of LPG forklifts is that the exhaust gas is good, and the waste gas of hydrolyzed carbon (CO) is significantly more than that of gasoline engines. The fuel cost is low (15KG of liquefied gas is equal to 20 liters of gasoline), and it is limited to indoor operations with low environmental rejection.

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