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OEM/ODM Supplier 4-Way Forklifts - WIK30Dual fuel forklift – Wilk Detail:

WIK 30 Main technical parameters

Rated lifting capacity(kg) 3000
Load center distance(mm) 500
Maximum lifting height(mm) 1500/3000
Mast tilt angle() 6/12
Minimum turning radius(mm) 2250
Rated power of the engine(kw) 42
Engine model WF491
Front -wheel model 28×9-15
Rear- wheel model 650-10

1. The advantages of electric forklifts:
The electric forklift provides the most ecological and economic advantages, and it is very suitable for the warehouse-type situation on duty. An electric forklift does not produce smoke or harmful gas emissions in any form that makes the best solution for those who want to use power, other than fossil fuels. Since natural resources are limited and there is no electricity, battery-powered elevators are cheap to work for a long time. Due to their almost silent motors and lack of exhaust, electric forklifts are the most suitable choice for indoor operation. They are ideal for cold storage facilities because they do not generate much heat, and they save money without placing extra pressure on the temperature control unit of the warehouse.
2. Disadvantages of electric forklifts:
 The disadvantages of electric forklifts are also significant, but many people find that the benefits outweigh the negative aspects. The most popular drawback of electric lifts is the issue of battery charging. To keep these power sources ready to run, it requires a significant amount of downtime. If the exchange station and low-battery charging are ready to use those facilities, the elevator itself can continue to work, but, at an additional cost, it runs. When the weather is pristine and the surface on which the elevator must be operated is not a significant defect, battery-powered forklifts operate outdoors. Forklifts and electric motors can meet most material handling conditions, however, those using internal combustion engines can provide more power and lift heavier loads.
The so-called electric forklift refers to a dual-purpose electric forklift with loading and unloading functions and short-distance transportation of goods. Mainly used in warehousing, logistics, handling and other places, it is more suitable for those places with fire-proof and explosion-proof requirements. If it is matched with pallets, containers, containers, etc., unitized transportation can be realized.

The characteristics of electric forklifts are mainly comfortable operation, high operation stability, easier operation, low noise at work, no pollution, and its compact manufacturing structure, more flexible transportation of objects, and small turning radius. These features effectively reduce collisions and scratches between forklift parts, reduce stacking area, reduce handling workload, and improve handling efficiency.

Since electric forklifts are easy to control and flexible when used and operated, relatively speaking, the operating strength of the operators in the use of forklifts will be much reduced. Electric forklifts are mainly controlled by electrical signals, including the electric steering system. The acceleration control system, hydraulic control system and brake system have the advantage of greatly reducing the labor intensity of the operator, which is very helpful for improving their work efficiency and work accuracy. The advantages of low noise and no exhaust emissions of electric forklift vehicles are also a very big advantage, which has been recognized by many users. When choosing electric forklifts, we must pay attention to the technical reasons. We must understand that electric forklifts belong to electronic control technology. The rapid development of this technology will make the operation of electric forklifts more and more comfortable. The wider the scope of application, the more and more solutions to solve logistics. more. Therefore, from these aspects, the market demand for electric forklifts will definitely grow faster and faster, and the market share of electric forklifts will also become larger and larger.

Features and working environment of electric forklifts-electric pallet forklifts

The main function of the electric pallet forklift is to realize the point-to-point movement of pallet goods on the plane. Therefore, there is no mast lifting system. It is suitable for places where transportation is important and does not need to be stacked. There are self-propelled, stand-on, and ride-on types. The three types have different costs.

Characteristics and working environment of electric forklifts-electric pallet stacking forklifts

Electric pallet stacking forklift is a kind of light indoor lifting and stacking equipment, focusing on stacking function, because of its light body. It is suitable for the transportation of light and small materials in storey warehouses or other narrow places.

Electric forklift characteristics and working environment-reach forklift

The lifting mechanism of the forward-moving forklift can move forward and backward in the longitudinal direction of the forklift. When picking up goods. The center of gravity of the cargo falls within the four fulcrums formed by the wheels. Therefore, the reach forklift has better flexibility, high lifting safety and stability. The load range is usually 1-25 tons, and the lifting height can reach 12 meters. But because the wheels are smaller. Passability is limited, and because of the complex structure and high cost, it is suitable for places with narrow space and high lifting height requirements, and is mostly used in high-rise warehouses.

Electric forklift characteristics and working environment-universal electric forklift

Universal electric forklifts can travel in universal directions. In addition to the main features of counterbalanced forklifts, the three wheels can drive in one direction at any angle. Therefore, the steering is flexible. After forklifting the goods, it can be based on site restrictions. Turn to the ground and move the forklift in any direction. This model solves the problem of turning long materials in narrow spaces, greatly saves space, and can be stacked and disassembled diagonally in trains and cars.

Electric forklift characteristics and working environment-four-way electric forklift

The four-way electric forklift integrates the functions of a forward-moving forklift, a side fork, and a counterbalanced forklift. In structure, it is basically the same as a forward-moving forklift. The mast is located between the front and rear wheels. There are two arm-shaped inserting legs in the front of the car. The front end of the inserting legs is equipped with supporting wheels, and the goods can be carried with the mast. Move the forklift longitudinally forward and backward. When the forklift is unloading, the fork is extended, and after the fork is unloaded, the fork returns to the middle position close to the vehicle body, so the driving stability of the forklift is greatly improved.

The difference from the forward-moving forklift is that the two load-bearing wheels at the front end of the fork legs of the four-way electric forklift can be rotated by 90° through the steering mechanism. When the rear wheels are rotated by 90°, the entire forklift can be moved from front to back to left and right. Driving is equivalent to a side fork, so it is suitable for long material handling in narrower aisles. The minimum channel width can usually be within 2 meters. However, the cost is relatively high due to the complex structure.

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