WIK 2500 Self Loading Concrete Mixers

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WIK 2500 Self Loading Concrete Mixers

model WIK2500 Axle Small wheel side deceleration double brake bridge
engine model Yunnei Power 4100 Supercharged Tires 20.5-16 semi-solid steel wire tire
rated power 65kw Water tank volume 380L
Drive form Torque converter (infinitely variable) Maximum grade 35°
Water supply method Hydraulic suction/time relay Wheelbase 2500mm
Gearbox ZL-265 power shift transmission Dimensions 6300*2200*2600mm
Gear 4 forwards and 4 backwards, double high and low speed Curb quality 6000kg

WIK Self Loading Concrete Mixers has core technology patents to create automated production of concrete. Since then, it is no longer difficult to produce and transport concrete. Two people can reach an output of 140 cubic meters per day.

WIK Self Loading Concrete Mixers fully automatic mixer truck is currently the most advanced mixer truck. It only requires two workers to operate the vehicle, one is responsible for driving the vehicle and the other is responsible for feeding assistance. Its engine can be used on most sites In normal operation, the mixing tank can be rotated 270 degrees horizontally and can be discharged at any position of the car body. Is it very labor-saving and convenient to produce concrete?

WIK 2500 Self Loading Concrete Mixers (2)

WIK 2500 Self Loading Concrete Mixers (2)

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