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WIK 388 The backhoe loader combines the two machines of the excavator and the loader. It has all the functions of the excavator and the loader. One machine has multiple functions, is convenient and flexible, and reduces the purchase cost and use cost of the whole machine. Optional Deutz, Cummins and other famous engines and Italian Carraro transmission system. It can be equipped with various auxiliary engineering tools such as breaker, ground anchor drill, vibration rammer, etc.
This product is widely used in municipal engineering, water conservancy engineering, road maintenance, tap water, power supply, gardening, environmental sanitation and other departments. It can be engaged in road maintenance, pipeline laying, cable laying, landscaping and sanitary cleaning and other operations.

WIK 388 First, the main features

1. The use of high-reliability liquid torque converter and transmission to provide super power, aggravating the project-specific bridge walk smooth, high reliability
2. The excavator and loader are combined into one machine and one multi-energy machine. Fully equipped with all the features of small excavators and loaders, it is more suitable for working in confined spaces, convenient and flexible, and more than 30% more productive
3. Excavation, loading function of all pilot control, light and flexible, high operating efficiency
4. User-friendly design of rotating vibration-reducing seats, fully tempered formed glass cab, wider field of view, more comfortable driving
5. Excavation can be side-sliding mechanism device, so that the excavation work range is larger and more efficient
6. The design of the front flip guard greatly improves the maintenance of the whole machine
Optional with a variety of accessories to complete a variety of construction work
For municipal, construction, water conservancy, roads, water, electricity supply, gardens and other departments, can be engaged in agricultural construction, pipeline laying, cable laying, landscaping and other operations

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Details (2)

WIK 388 Second, the main parameters

The operating weight of the whole machine 8200KG
Long × wide × high mm 6120×2410×3763
Wheelbase. 2248mm
Minimum ground clearance 300mm
Load the bucket 1.0m3
Loading lift capacity 2500KG
Bucket unloading height 2700mm
Bucket unloading distance 1025mm
Back bucket capacity 0.3 m3
Maximum digging depth 4082mm
Digging the swing corner 190o
Engine rating 75KW
Tire specifications 14-17.5/19.5L-24
Transmission type Fixed-axis power shift
The number of gears Forward 2nd gear, back 2nd gear
Maximum speed 22Km/h
Torque converter model YJ280

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