WIK948 Wheel loader

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WIK Main specifications and characters of WIK948 loader

1 Central articulated frame, small turning radius, mobile and flexible, lateral stability, ease of operation in the narrow space.
2 Easy-to-read gauges display and ergonomically designed controls make the driving convenient and comfortable
3 Air over hydraulic disc brake on 4 wheels system and expire brake is used in brake system, which has large brake force and makes stable brake and high safety
4 Full hydraulic steering, power shift transmission, hydraulic control device work with two lightweight flexible operation, action smooth and reliable
5 Twin pump-merging flow of working pump and steering pump. when the machine is not steering more engine power is available to breakout and lift forces. Resulting in increased economy
6 The big loading engine side covers made in steel are of good appearance and suitable for maintenance
7 Pilot hydraulic implement controls make operate easy and comfortable


WIK Second, the main parameters


1 rated loading 4000kg
  2  overall weight 11000kg
  3  bucket capacity 2.0-2.5m3
  4  maximum traction force 95KN
  5  maximum breakout force 127KN
  6  maximum grade ability 30
  7  maximum dump height 3100mm
  8  maximum dump reach 1100mm
  9  overall dimension (LWH) 7130*2500*3340mm
  10  minimum turning radius 6400mm
Engine 11 model DF Cummins 6BTA5.9-C180
  12 type  
  13 No. of Cylinder 6
  14  rated power 132kw2200r/min
  15  maximum torque 750N.m/1300rpm
  16 min. fuel-consume ratio 210Kw h

 Transmission system

17  torque converter YJ315-X
  18  gearbox mode Fixed axis constant mesh type
  19  gears 42 4 forward 2 reverse
  20  maximum speed 45km/h
Drive axles 21  main reducing spiral bevel gear grade 1reduction
  22  decelerating mode  

Planetary reduction grade 1

  23  wheel base (mm) 2900mm
  24  wheel tread 1830mm
  25  ground clearance 400mm

 Hydraulic system

26  system working pressure 16,5MPa
  27  boom lifting time 4.83
  28  total time 9.850.5s

 Brake system

31  service brake  air assist disc brake on 4 wheels
  32  parking brake  Manual disk brake


33  type specification 20.5-25
  34  front tyre pressure 0.4Mpa
  35  rear tyre pressure 0.35Mpa






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