WIK956 Wheel loader

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WIK  Product Advantages

Reliable and durable: Heavy load frame, reliable planetary drive system, long overhaul period.
 High efficiency of operation: strong power, rising power, automatic leveling, linkage operation, high efficiency of forklift.
Energy saving economy: low speed Weichai Steyr  engine, large displacement double pump confluence, efficient energy saving.
Comfortable operation: panoramic cab, ergonomic design, pilot handle, large seat.
Advanced cooling system: water temperature, oil temperature to achieve the best thermal balance, improve the life of components and oil products, extend the service life of the entire machine.


WIK Technical parameters

Performance 1 rated load 5000kg


2 overall weight 16500kg


3 rated bucket capacity 3m3


4 maximum tractive force 158KN


5 maximum breakout force ≥170KN


6 maximum grade ability 30


7 maximum dump height 3142mm


8 maximum dump reach 1250mm


9 overall dimension (LWH) 808529653450mm


10 minimum turning radius 6732mm
Engine 11 model  Weichai Steyr WD10G220E23


12 type \\\lnline  water cooling dry cylinder  injection


13 -No. of cylinder-bore/stroke 6-126 x 130mm


14 rated power 162kw--2000r/min


15 maximum torque 860N.m


16 min fuel-consume ratio 212.7g/kw.h

 Transmission system

17 torque converter Single stage two phase four components


18  gearbox mode Power shift planetary structure


19 gear shift 212 forward shift  1 reverse shift


20  maximum speed 38km/h
Drive axles 21 main reducing spiral bevel gear grade 1reduction


22 decelerating mode  planetary reduction,grade 1


23  wheel base (mm) 3250mm


24  wheel tread(mm) 2250mm


25 minimum ground clearance 450mm
 Hydraulic system 26 system working pressure 18MPa
  27  boom lifting time 5.1s
  28  total time 9.3s
  29   fuel tank capacity 292L
  30  function of leveling automatically  yes
 Brake system 31  service brake  air over hydraulic disc brake on 4 wheels
  32  parking brake  Break air brake
 Tyre 33 type specification 23.5-25
  34  Front wheel air pressure 0.4Mpa
35 Rear wheel pressure 0.35Mpa





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